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That awkward moment when everyone is praising Obama for saying he’ll support same-sex marriage when he promised to repeal DOMA in ‘08 and it’s like everyone forgot. Meanwhile trans* folk are killing themselves, struggle with finding work, a trans* woman was just sentenced to jail for self-defense and the murder of another trans woman in Oakland has zero media coverage and Obama doesn’t have anything to say about that?

But okay Mr. President, you’re saying you’re going to keep the promise that probably had a huge hand in getting you elected in the first place and we can all give you these straight cookies for being such a good person and letting the same-sex couples marry.

EDIT* I’d like to make it clear that the bolded are both trans women of color.

Negative post oozes negativity and cynicism, but no resolutions for the problem. Way to shit on what has proven to be a good day for many people.

Uhhhhhhhh. Pretty sure the solution would be to pass ENDA and stop pretending the T in LGBT doesn’t stand for tomato. Really thought that was a clear statement. o.O Here let me make it even clearer: I’d like to have a President that didn’t sweep the problems of people who are potentially at risk of homelessness, being abandoned, and death under the mat of Gay Rights Equals Marriage. 

It’s great DOMA will be repealed. Do I really care? Not really. Especially since it should have been taken care of four years ago. You really think Obama gives a fuck? He might, but I bet you anything he cares more about the funds of gay rights organizations that are run by primarily by white and cisgender people. You think Obama’s genius is reserved only for powerful speeches and witty rebuttles to Republicans? Please, he knows when to throw a bone so his dogs stay loyal to him, especially ones that have all their papers and are worth at least a couple grand or can move him up in the polls.

Is it important? Sure, but there are more important things than DOMA. There are more important things that being able to get married and I say that as a person who recognizes the institutional value of marriage (and also disagrees with it). Because none of that matters if you don’t have basic human rights, which is what I’m talking about here.DOMA doesn’t affect everyone within the queer community. It’s not even a true step towards equality. Addressing hate crimes, health care, ENDA, suicide rates within the queer community, all of these things are more important

I’m not saying people shouldn’t be happy about this, especially if it affects them. Be happy, I don’t care. However, I am saying to look at the ENTIRE PICTURE, and realize that there are more dire problems that need to be solved before everyone starts acting like Obama is a saint for saying he supports same-sex marriage, when the other half of the community can’t even sue someone for discrimination, let alone defend theirself if someone attacks them and among other reasons that matter very little in the grand scheme of things. So really, don’t be surprised when people aren’t as happy about this because psychological needs like food, shelter, water, homeostasis and safety needs come before love or a sense of belonging. Seriously, it’s pretty basic.



Seriously, if our last president hadn’t been George W. Bush, and if the only electorally viable alternative to another term of the Obama administration weren’t whatever candidate emerges from the shit show going on in the Republican party right now, I think people would be a lot less impressed. Yes, President Obama managed to get some moderate healthcare reforms passed despite a very hostile Congressional climate and successfully pushed for the repeal of the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy, but he approved a four-year extension on Patriot Act measures, and the Guantánamo Bay detention center is still open. He also authorized the extrajudicial killing of an American-born fugitive in the Middle East and similarly had Osama bin Laden assassinated in his home. These people are scary folks for sure, but hunting down and killing people this way is pretty scary too. President Obama has failed to reverse the erosion of habeas corpus and due process in the US. And despite initially expressing support for a reform of the failed War on Drugs policies in regards to cannabis, he allowed federal raids on state-licensed medical cannabis dispensaries.

But, you know, at least he’s not Romney. And it looks like those are the only choices we have right now. Mitt Romney, who has lately promised to oppose same-sex marriage and reproductive health rights, who recently said on the campaign trail, “Corporations are people, my friends,” and President Obama, who might have been able to pass himself off as a moderate Republican in the not-too-distant past.

President Obama is an improvement on recent administrations, but he is not going to singlehandedly ensure justice for disenfranchised Americans or anybody else.

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